"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" – Benjamin Franklin

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I’ve know Henderson Cunningham for a very very long time. He is a childhood friend. I remember nights of jungle juice, getting high on life and playing spades. Much like me Hindu (his nickname) has seen loss on a massive scale. You cannot judge how any man will take a loss. Here are his words on loss. 

“Its when you drop a glass and it shatters and you reach up and grab your head shaking, asking why the world is against you. 

Its deniability that exist to try to protect you from losing control, until you notice that you never had control in the first place.

Its when you pause a movie and just stare at it stare at it STARE AT IT! until you realizes youve been crying and you dont care about the tears because the pain is overwhelming.

Its when you realizes theres nothing there. Life is meaningless and everything youve been doing leads to nothing.

Its watching friends come to your side and completely not able to hear the words come out their mouth because the muffle oh the fucking muffle is to loud. 

Its when you look in the mirror and you everything starts to quake qnd you wanna scream and tear out your hair.

Its accepting the thing you feared the most when you have no other choice, but to except the reality of life.

Its grief”

Beautifully written and from the soul Hindu is a writer as well. This blog is not just for me. I have a Facebook group. The logician and the magician. Where people from all over can share their stories. And be HEARD. Once a week I want to feature another writer on my blog. Find my Facebook group and join if you want to be HEARD! 

Now a song picked by Henderson Cunningham 


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