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(Yes I just quoted Shakespeare and lead right into Emily Dickinson, get over it lol I love my quotes and poems) Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to grow up to be a writer, and a lover; by way of helping people and loving all those around me with as much of me as I could. So far I’ve managed to do just that but, BUT even though I do tend to press limits and push boundaries I’ve never veered so far out of my comfort zone as to do a blog AND public media sales. I’m not going to lie I’m a little scared. I know I can do it and I’ll be good at it and it’s a way to help lots of people and make lots of connections and learn lots of things. And an extremely creative outlet which I crave and NEED. The question lies with why am I waiting until now to start doing the BIG stuff, taking the big risk. I thought loving someone and giving my heart away was a risk, no. I knew before I even did that it was a bad idea. I KNOW this is what I’m supposed to be doing. The thing is loving and losing someone is a terrible thing but not having lived life is worse and yes I was loving with my whole heart the whole time but was I living? Clearly not. I wasn’t getting married or having kids. I was waiting. Waiting for something that never happened. Waiting, just like Dr. Suess talks about in “Oh! The places You’ll Go!”. I was in the waiting place, where people go to wait. I was waiting to get married and be a house wife and have a baby and raise a family and lalala, clearly that’s not what I’m supposed to do now. I have places to go. Or maybe it is for me just not then and not now. Nothing went how it was supposed to go but when does life? You can’t take money with you when you go, you can’t take clothes or material items, what you can leave behind is your legacy. What will your legacy be? A child? A mindset? A path for others to follow? Whether you’re a Dory of the world or a Bruce, BE YOU!, and, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. 

              What would you do if you were going to meet a guy that you sort of thought was cute and funny and he was bringing his friends and you were supposed to bring your friend too but life happened? Would you back out? Would you just not go? That probably would have been what most women would have done. But not me. Nope. And of course the universe laughed at that one. Or at least it felt like it in my mind. I was nervous admidittdly because I had no back up and was going in alone but this was my first weekend to do something fun in a while so I was pretty stoked about this escape room. It was my idea after all. The first major hiccup was my friend bailing on me, not her fault but that was a bummer. For both of us. Then my gps can’t find this guys house and so I’m thinking he’s given me a fake address the whole time and I’m thinking “well I guess I’ll go have a few beers downtown” when he finally offers to meet me somewhere on foot by his house. I was mortified. I had never gotten so lost in my life. And I LIVE here!! How does that even happen? Next we get to downtown finally, and we are walking to meet his friends and what do you know, my shoe breaks. Yup. Right there on palofax. All I could do was laugh it off. That’s all you really can do when stuff like that happens. But at this point I was feeling jinxed in Pensacola. We got to the bar and at that point I needed a beer. I had earned it. But wouldn’t ya know we only had like five minutes. That sucker got downed. How was I supposed to face escaping Palofax with all these dudes I didnt even know. I knew I would and I could though and that it would be fun. What made this so challenging for me was not being in control of the situation. As a woman we like be in control of our surroundings the first few dates lol. I was clearly outnumbered and being locked in a room for an hour with no adult beverages doesn’t help with nerves. For once I just let everyone else do the work and take the lead. I found a few clues, we all had fun with the black light, (which doesn’t work so great during the day if you plan on going ), the game locked us out, one of our teammates “Cheated”, we were down to the last 30 seconds when one of our teammates started to figure it out. Alas, it was too late. We had to be let out. But even though we lost, it was a great time. Don’t be dumb but always take risk. Get out of your comfort zone. I know I’m glad I did. I never thought I would enjoy breaking a shoe and getting lost and being in an escape room full of Marines. Do something you wouldn’t normllly do.  I may not have escaped palofax but I did escape some comfort zones and I can be proud of that. 

I was thrilled we didn’t win so much so I didn’t even know where to look lol #oops #lularoe #Amelia